Our Story

GAVINO'S JAPANESE DONUTS is a gourmet donut brand specializing in gooey, chewy mochi donuts-- the first in the Philippines!

While abroad, owners Andrew and Michelle Que always look for the best snacks. Among their favorites are the chewy mochi donuts found in Japan, Taiwan and China. The Ques loved them and knew that the rest of the Philippines would too. So after spending a year in the kitchen perfecting their donuts, they launched GAVINO'S JAPANESE DONUTS, named after their son, Gavin.

What sets GAVINO'S JAPANESE DONUTS apart, and what keeps customers coming back is their uniquely chewy texture thanks to the special mochi dough used in over 30 creative flavors, such as PEANUT BUTTER & JELLY, GREEN TEA CHEESECAKE, MOCHA ROCKY ROAD and MAPLE BACON. In addition, only the best ingredients are used-- real almonds, crunchy pistachios and even hickory smoked bacon and cheese. With creativity and innovation as two core values, expressed in continuous product development and a constantly updating menu, GAVINO'S JAPANESE DONUTS promises a quality mochi donut experience like no other.